Keynotes confirmadas

Estão confirmadas as seguintes Keynotes:

Michael Samyn & Auriea Harvey, from Tale of Tales studio

Tale of Tales is a small independent studio operating out of Ghent, Belgium which investigates videogames as a creative medium to craft beautiful and poetic playful experiences.

Dan Pinchbeck, creative designer for TheChineseRoom game studio

Dan Pinchbeck has a background in Drama, but he has worked in media, digital and technological arts practice using emergent technologies. He researches the significance of narrative within Computer Games, and the effective archiving of computer games. He is probably best know for his participation in the Dear Esther project.

Miguel Sicart, Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen 

Miguel Sicart received his PhD in game studies in December 2006. His research has focused on providing a multidisciplinary approach to ethics and computer games, focusing on issues on game design, violence and videogames. He is the author of The Ethics of Computer Games (MIT Press, 2009) and Beyond Choices. The Design of Ethical Gameplay. His current research focuses on understanding playful aesthetics as a creative technological practice. He teaches game and play design.