A base da conferência será no Departamento de Engenharia Informática
situado no Polo II da Universidade de Coimbra

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This is a compilation of links for the service starting with less expensive options. You can use the map function to see where each option is located. Notice that the academic event will take place at UC – Polo II (the area called “Pinhal de Marrocos” next to the Mondego river curve).
Polo II can be reached from downtown by bus lines 34 and 38.

Coimbra Green Hostel
NS Hostel & Suites
Guesthouse Casa Pombal
Serenata Hostel Coimbra

Residencial, 1..3* , sub 50€ price range
Residencial Moeda
Hotel Vitória
Hotel Domus
Coimbra Residence
Lusa Atenas
Almedina Coimbra Hotel
Pensão Flôr de Coimbra
Hotel Larbelo
Hotel Jardim
Hotel Residencial Alentejana

3*, 50€+ price range
Hotel Astoria (downtown)
Hotel ibis Coimbra (downtown)
Hotel Oslo (downtown)
Hotel Braganca (downtown)
Best Western Hotel D. Luis (hill side)
Hotel Dona Ines Coimbra (far)

4*, sub 100€ price range
Tivoli Coimbra (far)
TRYP Coimbra Hotel (far)
Vila Gale Coimbra (far)

4*, 100€+ price range
Hotel Quinta das Lagrimas – Small Luxury Hotels